The Maine Skirmish Grappling Tournament

The Huard's organization in association with their branch schools, are proud to introduce you to The MAINE SKIRMISH grappling tournament. Every effort has been made to create a fair, and very exciting competition. We now have already sponsored 20 very successful events. The word is out, The Maine Skirmish rocks! The competition is "open to all" free of style martial artists. If you love to grapple and enjoy this fast growing sport, the Maine Skirmish is for you. The rules favor no one style and give everyone a fair chance to compete. We also use judges from all schools and this adds up to really giving all leaders a chance to make this event very fair. The tournament is held once per year in the town of Winslow located in the beautiful state of Maine. Take exit 130 north off I95 and you are but 5 minutes from the actual tournament site. Join in for all the excitement!

Rules and Divisions

Sumo: (16 years of age or younger) Co-ed divisions divided by age and skill.
Grappling: Divisions based on gender, age, and skill level for those below 17 years old. Everyone 17 years of age and above are divided by gender, age, weight, and skill.

All rules and divisions are subject to change.

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