Mixed Martial Arts (ages 15-45)

The future is now. MMA is at the forefront of the martial arts world. The sport has risen to fame and everyone wants to learn the moves. Our class offers just that, and we love being able to take all we have learned that works best and making it into a style for you the student and fan of Ultimate type Fighting.

You don’t have to be a star to take this class- we are not about trying to make champions, though that’s an option- we like the average person to train too in MMA. All the techniques are learnable and you never have to fight for real if you choose not too. The idea is to enjoy the teachings, get in shape and have fun.

Details on the program

Striking – We do a combination of Kickboxing and Muay Thai stand up fighting. The techniques include punches such as the jab, cross, uppercut, superman punch, and of course elbow strikes and knees. A lot of training is done on Thai pads. Players wear full gear to spar and learn such as gloves, leg pads and headgear. Live stand up sparring is expected.

Grappling – Basic jujitsu is learned to begin with. The flow of escaping hold downs, holding people down, and then submission and submission escapes are taught. Techniques like armbars, chokes and leg locks are the mainstay of grappling to submission. Work is done from the clinch standing, and takedowns and takedown defense are very important here as well. Striking on the ground is what makes this unique to traditional jujitsu – so be prepared to learn it all. Live sparring is expected.

We start slow for new people and you learn from the ground up. Live fighting is done is a very controlled manner for quite awhile, and no one is expected to go all out. If you choose to enter a real hardcore competition after training with us a long time- expectations on your training will increase. Overall the MMA class is an exciting revelation in what the future of modern martial arts is all about- take the class- you’ll love it.

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