School History

Welcome to our private Martial Arts school.

Our Martial Arts system of study all began in 1966. Shihan Randy Huard, recently out of the air force decided to open one of Maine's first dojos. The old Waterville Y.M.C.A was the location. The main style at that time was Judo/Jujitsu in which Shihan Huard studied in the service-within O Sensei Phil Porter's organization of grappling arts. Judo competitions were very popular and grappling was the sport of the moment, and soon popular in the Olympics. We held the first ever Central Maine Judo Championships in Waterville Maine way back then too. Karate became more known in the modern world in the early 70's, kickboxing and Ninjutsu in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and now MMA into the 21st century.

The school moved its roots to the Armory Road in Waterville and became a solid multi art style. The system adapted to Mr. Huard’s leadership in the years to come, and sure enough many judo-grappling champions were made. In time karate champions also came about. With his own creations and adjustments the styles flourished for many years. Right around 1974, Shihan Randy's son Renshi Mike Huard got involved. He grappled for several years and then took to stand up karate and kickboxing for many years. Eventually Renshi Mike became an instructor for the system and an innovator towards progression in all areas. The school had then moved to Clinton Ave in Winslow Maine – where today it still stands.

It wasn't until the early 80's when another family member Sensei Mark Huard began his love of the arts as well. His large stature and fun personality made everyone around him enjoy martial arts. With his leadership, especially with young children the dojo moved smoothly in a more positive direction. In more recent times he has coached a super karate team known as the HSK team, and developed a wonderful sport photography company specializing in the martial arts and youth sports.

Our main judo/jujitsu & karate/kickboxing curriculum had progressed for many years before joining ranks with grandmaster Shoto Tanemura out of Japan. The art on Ninpo became a part of the system at around the year 1990. Various weapons and spiritual guidance took to the school well and Tanemura Sensei was able to travel to Maine 4 years in a row to visit the family and add his special private teaching to all involved. We learned some old school jujitsu and taijutsu to say the very least. We also learned that the mind plays a big of role as anything physical when it comes to training and being happy being a martial artist for life.

At this time several long-term students we chosen to form a testing board of upper rank instructors. Trisha and Joe Rossignol, Kip Connolly, and Joe Pirrotta, and Shihan Huard and Renshi Huard make up a now board of directors for the school. High-ranking alternates include Franklin Bouchard, Tyler Terstegen, Steven Krause, and Kellie Huard.

Two major martial arts events in Maine are brainchild’s of our school. The Battle of Maine a long time family karate tournament started way back in 1980 and is still going strong. The Maine Skirmish, Maine’s first ever-freestyle grappling tournament was begun in 1996 and it too is successful and a great event each fall season.

In recent years, O Sensei Phil Porter has returned to Shihan Huard offering him more training and guidance. Renshi Mike has made friends with Roy Harris (a wonderful bjj teacher) out of San Diego, and the entire school has turned out some fantastic black belts and very dedicated students of the arts. Not a day goes by where we don’t try and advance our knowledge in the various styles we teach- we truly enjoy the martial arts.

In June of 2001 the dojo moved forward once again into the new millennium with a school certification regarding Chanbara. Chanbara is a full contact weapons style hot and new from the far east. This exciting addition keeps the dojo always looking ahead and at the top of the martial arts domain.

After over 40 years of training and teaching we have also put together a Mixed Martial Arts program is which we’re very proud of as we head into the future of the arts in the modern world.

Many more exciting and rewarding adventures are sure to come from this place of martial arts know-how. We thank everyone involved for their dedication and effort in making our private martial arts school one of lasting strength and lifelong memories.


Shihan Randy Huard 10th degree black belt is the dojo founder and head Instructor. He is one of the highest ranked Martial Arts teachers in New England and has studied the arts for over 40 years. His vision to open a dojo in Central Maine in 1966 is where our school all began. He now devotes his time to handing down the tradition of the Martial Arts, to developing them further, and to carefully nurture students and instructors- so that they may train, teach, and form the next generation of Martial Artists in Maine and New England.

Renshi Mike Huard 7th degree black belt is the assistant head instructor at Huard’s. Renshi has over 30 years experience in the Martial Arts and has made them a lifelong endeavor since early childhood. He has coached and trained several karate, grappling, and kickboxing champions from Maine. Mr. Huard is the head coach of the Jujitsu and MMA teams at the academy. He is also the founder of Chanbara New England, a full contact weapons sport.

Sensei Mark Huard 3rd degree black belt is the director of the children’s program at Huard’s. He is also the head coach of the Huard’s Sport Karate Team, coaching many to state champion honors. He has over 20 years of experience teaching and leading youngsters in Central Maine. Sensei Mark Huard is also owner of Central Maine Photography; a youth orientated business specializing in Martial Arts and school sports.

Our private academy is predominately run by family members. However many other fine long-term students are now also helping in the instruction too. These include but are not limited to the following assistant teachers here at the dojo. Each does a splendid job in helping pass down the techniques and proper attitude a true modern martial artist must have in the 21st century.

Sensei Trisha Rossignol – Testing Board of Directors
Sensei Joe Rossignol– Testing Board of Directors
Sensei Joe Pirrotta– Testing Board of Directors
Sensei Kellie Huard
Sensei Steve Krause
Sensei C.J Willette